trevor caswell

Feature Act from March 20, 2010

More about me:

A guitar and a harmonica, a scorching summer and a cool basement, Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" in the CD player, a Bob Dylan songbook on a music stand, and endless Beatles songs in the DNA (having heard them since the womb)- it's the setting and the stew for Trevor Caswell and his music. A glorious summer where a friend left that harmonica behind, so Trevor wandered down to the local music shop and picked up a rack to hold it the way his heroes did. Nothing to do then, but head out onto the streets and start busking- banging and hollering! Dylan, Guthrie, Leadbelly- those classic folk styles served him well, and continue to do so... Trevor's original music is highlighted by disarming, socially conscious lyrics alongside great songcraft and a touch of sly humour. His CD releases include 2001's "Serenade", 2003's "Another Something", and 2006's "Mr. Poirier" and "Red Machine". Each release has built upon that singer/songwriter model with Mr. Poirier branching out into 1960s pop territory and being described as having "a delightfully progressive, gentle feel". In 2008 came the release of an acoustic blues CD featuring a group of songs that Trevor had been performing as encores for the last few years alongside his first recorded cover- a howling, primitive version of The Pretenders "How Much Did You Get For Your Soul". "An absolute pleasure to hear live" Trevor's performances can range from intimate solo shows to appearances with a full band including violin and cello. With the addition of a National steel guitar and that ever present harmonica, seeing Trevor live is a definite treat. Currently basing himself out of Kamloops, B.C. he tours between that province and Ontario, and his songs can be heard on radio across Canada. His festival appearances have included the Komasket Music Festival, Artswells Festival, and the Long Day's Night Music Festival.