the saloonatics

Here’s how Dale “Bushy” Bush introduced The Saloonatics to me.  Sounds like this will be a very fun evening!

The Saloonatics - pic

"Richard [Sevigny] is a fantastic guitarist who plays slide and lap steel guitars and I am the “eye candy”. We consider ourselves to be serious entertainers who try not to take ourselves too serious. We are influenced by everyone from Aretha to ZZ and have been compared to the Smothers Brothers. We look forward to meeting you and sharing some tunes and laughs with the BCH [Barnhartvale Coffee House].

Richard and I are both hosts at our community radio station CKVS* and will be shamelessly self-promoting in January and at all the coffee houses until then.

 Thanks for your efforts and for supporting live music…cheers."


And here's what their formal bio states:

The Saloonatics

When Richard Sevigny and Dale “bushy" Bush joined forces for the 2013 Roots and Blues Festival in Salmon Arm, the motivation was to have fun! Combining toe tapping acoustic musical styles and comedy creates a bond with the audience and leaves them wanting more. From reggae to rocking blues the Saloonatics always have something up their sleeves. Their arms!


Spokesperson Dale "bushy" Bush may be contacted as follows: