the lilies of the valley

The Lilies of the Valley are a quartet of ladies who enjoy rich vocal harmonies, in the 'easy listening stlye' of folk, blues and jazz rythyms.
With a few original compositions, they perform a variety of music, with some familiar standards included. 
They came together in 2004, after Linda and Gerda played in a country rock band together for 8 years, called 'the Jammers'.  Both nurses, Linda and Gerda had met at the Clearwater hospital.

Clearwater began to hold coffee houses then, where they had met the other ladies over the yrs. Mo is from Little Fort and they have a trout farm called Campbell Lake Trout Farm. She is wonderful singer, pianist, guitarist and percussionist, who's warmth and exuberance forms the "glue" in our group. She is known as our 'Trout Lily".
Tammey Augustine from Clearwater, is our  'Tiger Lily'. She is also a wonderful, creative pianist and singer-song writer, and our 'free spirit' in the group.
Linda MacKenzie of Clearwater is our 'Blonde Lily' , our solid bass player, and anchor of the group. With wonderful wit and comedy, she has also started to provide some occasional great vocals.
Gerda Faber, is our 'Glacier Lily', as she lives near the Trophy Mountains of Clearwater. Gerda provides guitar backup, percussion and vocals for the group. She is the organizer of the group, and has hosted many musical reunions bringing great musicians together in our Valley. 
Performing often for functions throughout  the North Thompson Valley, the Lilies do not usually venture too far from home. The local support is tremendous, where they have sold over 500 copies of their CD in the past few years. The Lilies enjoy a reputation of having a fresh melodic sound,  highlighted by rich three part harmonies, with a variety of styles.