shawna caspi

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Shawna Caspi is a solo singer-songwriter and finger-style guitarist from Toronto, Ontario, whose most recent CD is a solo guitar/voice album called “Apartments for Lovers”. She has a sweet-tooth for a good story, a sly lyrical wit, and a rich, powerful voice. Shawna sings of love, travel, home, and heart, distilling each experience into a series of vibrant snapshots, coloured with humour and grace and arranged with care and craft.


Shawna also paints landscape paintings of places that she sees when on tour, and two of those paintings make up the front and back covers of Apartments for Lovers. You can check out more of Shawna's paintings at

Shawna has toured throughout Canada. She first met Barnhartvale Coffee House founder Rosemary Ash while on tour in Newfoundland. Shawna has made several trips across Canada playing music onVIA Rail trains, and has recently begun touring in the United States. The Barnhartvale Coffee House show is part of a bigger BC tour in March 2016, where Shawna will be driving across BC from west to east, including Vancouver Island. Shawna is looking forward to being back in beautiful BC!