paige & jacob

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Paige and Jacob are a duo from Kamloops, BC, composed of Paige Danyluk (lead singer) and Jacob Bounds (guitarist and singer). Paige and Jacob have been playing music together for less than a year, but their individual practice each surpasses a decade. At age four, Paige’s mother Janet was teaching her to sing her first songs. At age nine, Jacob’s father Terry taught him his first chord. He spent several years indifferent about the instrument, but by the time he was an early teenager, he was a guitarist. Both Paige and Jacob sang at their high school graduation Commencement ceremonies; in 2014, Jacob played “Home” by Phillip Phillips and was accompanied by five other singers. The next year, Paige sang “Wake Me Up” by Avicii

Though Jacob had vocal training and has always enjoyed singing, he prefers to focus more of his attention towards his guitar. He drew influence from Walk Off The Earth and admired their ability to play many instruments. Jacob has spent some time learning the piano, bass guitar and drums, but remains dominantly an acoustic guitarist

Paige has always admired classic singers and has drawn influence from some of the greats, including the Rat Pack. She especially admires Frank Sinatra. Paige also draws influence from female singers such as Adele, Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand. Paige was trained in piano for multiple years but always preferred to sing. She hasn't had any voice training and has learned what she knows from her mother and her grandmother

After years of recreational practice and guidance from their parents, and after many performances alone, or with other accompaniment, Paige and Jacob first took the step to perform at the Barnhartvale Coffee House open mic contest in January 2017.  They, in their words, “strung together a few songs from popular modern artists and Scottish folk musicians” - and they won!