kerry parks

Kerry Parks - photo by Tom Skinner

Kerry Parks

Lavington, BC


Singer-songwriter Kerry Parks has been writing and making music “since the first caveman beat on a log with a stick”.  He says his repertoire defies genre-fication: “Sometimes people ask me what kind of music I play, and I say ‘country music’.  Then I play a few tunes and they say ‘…what country?’”


Called a poet of plain-speak, his lyrics weave a web of narrative and string images--simple to surreal--around country/folk guitar lines that echo timeless rhythms of the heart.  “Ballads, blues, and message tunes” are delivered with a voice that rasps or rumbles, with a passion gentle or righteous, over acoustic and slide guitar, banjo, and harmonica on the side.


Presenting a mix of originals and putting his own twist on semi-obscure covers (and sometimes leaving thumbprints), he’ll bring a laugh, or a tear, or sometimes just leave you wondering if that strange sensation is heartache or heartburn.


Kerry is the founder and main songwriter of the North Okanagan acoustic trio Steel Wound.  He also plays with the traditional Celtic group Kilt 45, and with the Kalamalka Highlanders Pipe Band.  “It doesn’t take much provocation.”


Steel Wound released their debut CD “Last Dance at the Starlight Lounge” in 2014, with eight Parks originals and four characteristic covers.  Kerry released a solo CD “Farther Along” in 2017, with ten original songs and three cover tunes.


Both CDs have received radio play on Community radio stations around BC, and they have found their way across Canada, as well as to Europe, Japan, Australia and the US.

(250) 545 6408

Click on this link to hear clips and download music from Kerry’s latest CD “Farther Along”:

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Dean Gordon-Smith Street Sounds, Vernon's Morning Star, January 12, 2018

Kerry Parks - photo by Wayne Emde