just like that

Just Like That is an exciting new collaboration of some long-time
Kamloops musicians. At the core of the group are Chris Doherty and
Gary Nielsen of Double Dawg Dare who have been making music in
Kamloops for the past 25 years. About 4 years ago the duo became a
trio when Sylvie Johnson added her talents on mandolin and vocals.
Sylvie was part of the band Idle Frets and is one of the organizers of
the popular Barnhartvale Coffeehouse. Now the group is up to 5 with
Perry Tucker playing the electric upright bass and J. R. Adam
adding his dobro and guitar to the mix. You might remember Perry
from Scully and the Muldaurs and J.R. from Bootyful and Dr.
The result is proof that synergy exists - each member brings a
unique talent and energy to the group that creates a total sound
beyond the sum of its parts. With the band's motto that "variety is
the spice of life" it's hard to pigeon-hole their musical genre – an
eclectic mix of folk, blues, swing and originals – but their style is
always energetic and engaging. These folks know how to have fun
on stage.