johnson sandwich

Johnson Sandwich is a sister duo featuring acoustic covers of almost all types of music. Vocally charged with harmonies and of course sisterly love! 

Our parents passed along their love for music and guitar when we were we eventually picked it up (among other instruments) and have played together since our early teens. This took place mostly in the privacy of our living room. Johnson Sandwich didn't come about until 2009 however, when a good friend asked us to provide music for her lakeside wedding reception. Word seemed to spread after that and we started getting requests to play for the public. We've played Chances Barside Lounge, Hoodoos at Sun Rivers, Caffeine Downtown etc.

Set list includes artists across the board - Van Morrison, No Doubt, Toronto, Alanis Morisette, Weezer, Blue Rodeo, Grand Funk Railroad, Matt Mays, Bruce Springsteen, Bernard Fanning, Heart....etc etc.

We both play guitar for Johnson Sandwich but Mallory plays bass, and I sing in our other musical ventures. We're both member of The Sleeveless Tease (6-piece rock cover band that has played the Commodore, the Dirty Jersey, the Kami Inn, Carlos O'Bryans and the Grotto). Mallory is bass player for The Squish (nerd rock band with original songs and has played nemerous venues around town), and she has played with The Goods and Dr. Fabulous. I am backup vocalist for Paul Filek.