jeremy kneeshaw

Jeremy Kneeshaw - photo

Jeremy Kneeshaw is a young, emerging, mature Kamloops singer/songwriter/musician who is making a name for himself playing local venues like Chances and Sun Peaks. Come and hear him sing and play so you can say “I knew him when…..”  At the Barnhartvale Coffee House on Saturday April 16, 2016, The Jeremy Kneeshaw Trio will be the feature act.

Jeremy says:

“I am a bit of a Jack of all Musical Trades. I do music full time, I have students, session work, 3 bands with shows, and I am a promotional artist for Riversong Guitars. I've had technically 9 years of professional training on various instruments and musical theory, and have been playing music for closer to 18 years. I dabble in any and every type of musical genre I can because it is a hugely inspiring way to play and comprehend music and theory and such.

“I released my first album in January of 2016 after about a year’s worth of work on it. 13 tracks, 12 of which are original tunes; I recorded all the instruments and vocals myself, hence the name 'The Jeremy Kneeshaw Album'. Now I gig and promote myself as a full time and professional musician, playing in weddings, funerals, concerts, recordings, stadiums, on TV and personal shows. It's very busy but I love it.

“I am working on arranging sponsorships, but as far as money goes, I am sustained by my royalties. (Funds and support are needed and greatly appreciated.) My dream is to go all the way to the top someday.”

You can follow Jeremy on:

·      Facebook:  'Jeremy Kneeshaw'

·      Instagram:  'jeremy.kneeshaw'

·      Snapchat:  'Kneeshaw69'.”

FMI Jeremy can be reached at anytime is (250)371-7895

To get a feel for Jeremy’s style, take a look at these video clips:

An original song:

Jeremy’s Blues style:

Cover of “Fulsom Prison Blues”:

Keyboard skills, with Chloë Beauchamp-Brisson:

February 11, 2016 interview on CFJC TV Midday with Susan Edgell: