doc & the disorderlies

Doc and the Disorderlies photo

Chris Doherty (aka Doc) - banjo, guitar, vocals and percussion

Gary Nielsen - rhythm guitar & vocals

Bruce Campbell - lead guitar & vocals

Fain Weiss - vocals, percussion and ukulele

We're a four piece acoustic band from Kamloops. As a group we're pretty young . . . but collectively we have several lifetimes of musical and performing experience. Together we are proof that synergy exists . . . each member brings a unique talent and energy to the group that creates a total sound beyond the sum of its parts.

 Our music has been called “engaging” . . . and that's exactly what we want it to be. All four of us are enthusiastic about the music we play . . . and we want to share that enthusiasm with our audiences.

The heartbeat of our sound can be found in Doc's original songs. With their catchy melodies, witty lyrics and captivating rhythms, his tunes continue to delight audiences. We also like to spice up our repertoire with some carefully selected and tastefully arranged cover tunes. The result is an eclectic mix of originals, swing, blues, old standards and contemporary ballads.

Here are links to two videos on YouTube from the Sunnybrae Coffeehouse April 2013. Please note that they don't usually have the violin, bass or mandolin.

Here is a link to one of Doc's tunes: Maybe It's You